6-8 Taxonomy


The South Carolina Aquarium, in partnership with teachers, has created this online curriculum for teachers to use with their students in the classroom. All the activities contain background information, procedures, materials list, standards addressed, assessments, curriculum extensions and a resource list. We hope teachers will enjoy this resource!

We are no longer offering this unit as part of our classroom programs at the Aquarium due to standards changing in South Carolina, but we want to keep these amazing activities available to teachers.

♥ At-home and Virtual Options

Students will practice grouping or classifying everyday objects.

♥ At-home and Virtual Options

Students will learn about the Kingdom Animalia and group organisms based on their shared characteristics. 

♥ At-home and Virtual Options

Students will practice using a classification/dichotomous key to identify shoes. Students will then use a variety of mollusc shells (or their pictures) from the South Carolina coast to demonstrate the identification and classification of living things using a classification/dichotomous key.

Students will study the characteristics of fish and how they affect what habitat they live in and the food they eat. They will then play a game of “Go Fish” to build a fish that would live in a particular habitat.

Students will research organisms to learn about taxonomy in their everyday lives.